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St. Xavier’s Children Junior High School is an exclusive co-educational English medium school having classes from Nursery to VIII. The purpose of starting this institution is to import education to the children of the city, irrespective of cast, creed, religion and sex.
Established in 1987, the school in run of the recent educational concepts and techniques. It propagates moral and spiritual values and imparts quality education to meet global needs. St. Xavier’s Children Junior High School is located in the heart of the city in Daudpur on the canal Road (204, Rustampur), Gorakhpur at a distance of 6 km from the , Railway station and the Bus stand in a healthy and peaceful locality. The location of the school is very congenial having a friendly and peaceful neighborhood. The spot is immaculate, hygienic, completely pollution free without any traffic with abundance of green pastures. The school has adequate water supply, modern sanitary arrangements electricity and power.

Our Vision

St. Xavier’s Children Junior High School is committed to create a safe and supportive environment that involves each student in a wide range of learning experiences. These are designed to provide a balance of academic, athletic, artistic and social opportunities thereby encouraging the students to lift their aspirations to the highest level of their capabilities and interests.
St. Xavier’s Children Junior High School also fosters self-esteem and respect for others and creates a stimulating and caring atmosphere, an appreciation of the world we live in and our culture heritage. It is this comprehensive education that would serve to empower girls to take their place in the world of the future as caring culturally enriched lifelong learners and responsible adults.

Aims & Objects of Our School

St. Xavier’s Children Junior High School aims to develop the entire child’s mind, body, and soul, white the intellectual faculties are developed by building of character on sound moral principles. Boys and Girls are admitted at Nursery level and prepared up to class VIII following the syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi. The school provides a healthy educational environment so that the students may develop themselves physically, mentally, ethically and socially which enables the children to live their own independent life. Provisions are also made to train the pupils in Games/Sports, SUPW, physical training and various cultures activates. There is also provision for audio-visual teaching and computer education. The management is more vigilant to channelize the different faculty of energies of the students by maintaining strict discipline provoking the sense of justice and honesty to become a good citizen. The school believes in the worth and uniqueness of the individual. We help the young minds to widen their horizon to learn and think for themselves. We strive to inculcate in them certain moral, social, intellectual, spiritual and physical values through proper guidance and quality education. The following qualities among its students.



Self respect and respect for the rights of others.


Courage to face reality, optimism and dignity of labor.


Honesty, Sincerity, Generosity and tolerance.


A deep sense of commitment of justice and Equality.


Quest for knowledge through observation, exploration, analysis and evaluation. To meet these objectives, a proper environment is created to develop the personal and social virtues-not through discipline only but through a loving guidance also.

Founder Message

Chairman Founder

Being protective even possessive is fine while your child is very young and immature. But let him/her go to some extent for mental advancement as he/she grows. Adolescence is a period when he’s/she’s searching for an identity of his/her own likes and dislikes. Remember that he/she could very well do what he/she wanted on the sly. So stop imposing yourself on him/her. He/she still requires guidance though. Handle him/her with care. Initiate healthy dialogues at home. Encourage your child to talk and welcome his/her friends or they might end up seeking and choosing wrong role models. Let’s try together to fulfill the dreams of our children.

S. Chandra

(Founder Chairman)

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